Wilmington Jr. Academy

Wilmington Junior Academy sets high standards for acedemic achievement.

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Since 1920, Wilmington Junior Academy has set high academic standards and encouraged academic excellence. Students are privileged to develop their intellectual potential in a small class setting with imaginative and credentialed teachers. Our average teacher/student ratio is 1 to 10.

We are committed to advancing our curriculum to keep pace with technological advances. We have integrated technology training in all our class rooms where the computer/student ratio is 1 to 4. Overall school test scores are typically above the 90th percentile. And we are accredited by the Middle Atlantic States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Wilmington Junior Academy strives to make every student successful. Our faculty care about their students and are readily available to give whatever help is needed, in or out of class. They will get to know your child’s level of ability and ambition so that his or her education can be individualized. Our goal is to prepare students for future scholastic success in academy/high school, college, and beyond. The combination of caring teachers, spiritual interest, and academic excellence offered at Wilmington Junior Academy provides the foundation that enables students to pursue their goals.

Academic Placement and Testing

Wilmington Junior Academy reserves the right to give entrance and qualifying tests as deemed advisable; the results of such tests will be used to place the students in a study program where they may do their best work. Transfer students may be assigned, temporarily, while teachers gather appropriate placement information.

To assist in evaluating the educational progress of our students, various commercial tests are used throughout the year. These tests will be used to help determine the special needs that an individual student may have and to help us evaluate our overall program for areas that may need fine-tuning. Please remember that these tests are only a tool. They do not portray the entire academic standing of an individual student. The following tests are used regularly throughout the academic year:

Iowa Test of Basic Skills
Cognitive Abilities Test

Other tests may be used for diagnostic purposes if needed. Parents will be consulted prior to these additional tests. If you feel your child needs further testing, please consult with your child’s teacher or the school principal.

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