Wilmington Jr. Academy


My experience with Wilmington Jr. Academy has been excellent. My children have been going there for over 7 years and they enjoy all the activities that the daycare provides. The teachers and staff are excellent with my children and they are like a second family to us. They also provide learning tools for when they start their schooling that is both fun and rewarding at the same time.
                                                   Lisa Ciccaglione, mother of Anthony, age 4 and Gina, age 7

I have two children that have attended Wilmington Junior Academy for the past 4 years. I have been extremely happy with the care, nurturing and education my children have received during that time. The teachers at WJA are committed to my children’s success and have worked closely with me to address issues and make decisions that aide my children’s development.

My children have formed close bonds with their teachers, which as a parent, eases the burden of having to leave them during the day. When my youngest was in the nursery, the teacher wasn’t even able to leave the room without him getting upset. She is extremely loving and caring which showed by the affection he had for her.

Another wonderful benefit of WJA is their initiative to develop a healthy meal plan for the children. As a working mother it is hard to always come home and cook well balanced meals however I feel better on those busy nights knowing that at least at daycare they received a nutritious meal. Plus it is great not having to pack a lunch every dayJ

I can not speak highly enough about WJA. My children and our family have had a wonderful experience there!
                                                       Susan Huffman, Mother of Jack, age 4 and Joshua, age 2