Wilmington Jr. Academy

Wilmington Junior Academy promotes
extra-curricular activities and gatherings

Extra-curricular activities

Wilmington Junior Academy will provide opportunities for as many extra- curricular activities as possible without compromising our scholastic goals. Participation in extra-curricular activities may be based on the student’s grades, attendance, and/or behavior.

Field Trips

An integral part of the educational program of Wilmington Junior Academy is the field trip. Students are expected to dress and behave in accordance with school policy. Written permission signed by the student’s parent or guardian is required for all off-campus activities.

Gymnastics Program

When available, there will be a gymnastics team at Wilmington Junior Academy. The team is chosen by try-out sessions and is open to those in grades 3-8. Skills emphasized include ground tumbling, team pyramids, group routines, sports acrobatics, and artistic gymnastics.

Music Lessons

When available, instrument lessons, band, and choir are open to students. Students are responsible for any class work missed while attending private music lessons. The classroom teacher and the music teacher may arrange private lessons to be scheduled during regular school hours at the classroom teacher’s discretion. No private lessons may be scheduled off the school campus during school hours.

Student Choir Event


Reflections, the school yearbook, is published each year by students in the upper grades.

Class Organizations

Students in grade 8 will be allowed to organize and select class officers to plan various activities throughout the year. All class activities must be approved by the class sponsor, and in some instances by the Administration.

Home and School Association

The optimal development of children depends upon the combined efforts of the home and school. The primary purpose of the Home and School Association is to foster and encourage this combined effort.

One way this is done is through quarterly meetings of parents and teachers. These meetings provide a forum for parents and teachers to interact, providing parents with information on upcoming activities at the school as well as giving them a forum for discussing issues of corporate concern. The meetings also provide parents and teachers a relaxed atmosphere in which to get to know each other better. Finally, the meetings often provide educational experiences for parents so they can better understand how to educate their children at home.

The Home and School Association also assists the school through fundraising. At the beginning of the school year the Association decides upon one or more projects for which it will raise funds that year. It then conducts fundraising activities to raise the funds for these projects.

The Home and School Association is a liaison between parents and the school. A representative from the Home and School Association is a member of the Wilmington Junior Academy School Board. This liaison communicates with the Board regarding Home and School activities and represents the interests of the parents to the Board.

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